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Rati Basket

The only shopping basket designed for car use


Supergreen car basket for shopping which stays in place.

Simply green

  • It has got everything a great basket should have: ergonomic, simple, one-hand use.
  • Its volume is the same as the foldable car baskets, without the hassle of having to fold it in and out. (Size of the basket: 292mm x 438mm x 200mm, details in the galery.)
  • You can take it to the shop, this way you can carry out the entire shopping experience hygienically using your own product.
  • You can take it to the gym, for picnics or to the playground… it’s up to you!

Fix it with ease
  • Just place the fixing adapter into the trunk, no need for installation, drilling or reading through endless instruction manuals.
  • It stops the basket from tumbling over and slipping, on any surface (textile, or plastic trunk trays).
  • All you need to do is place the basket in the adapter, it will keep it in place even during a bumpy ride. As if it is glued to the surface.

Take a big step with a smaller footprint

  • Rati Basket is made of 92.3% recycled plastic. This way we assist, alongside you, in the wise use of plastic waste.
  • Thanks to the durable heavy-duty design, you can forget plastic carrier bags for good.
  • Super easy to clean

Simply appealing

We believe that the atmosphere is all in the subtle details. Our RedDot awarded designers ensure that all our products fit in your car effortlessly.