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Rati Hanger

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Stay mobile

Do you often travel for business? Is it inconvenient to carry your suit with you?

We have a solution. Put your jacket or suit on the Rati coat hanger at your home, take it to your car and mount it to its holder with one quick motion.

Upon arrival, you can easily take your clothes up to your hotel room on your Rati coat hanger.

Suitable for carrying and storing jackets, trousers, coats and skirts and suit carriers.


Attach it with ease

  As easy as pie, the docking unit can be installed onto the headrest bars using 3 screws.

You can connect the hanger to this single-handedly.


Simply appealing

We believe that the atmosphere is all in the subtle details.

Our RedDot awarded designers ensure that all our products fit in your car effortlessly.


Check the compatibility with your car

Check these parameters and use the vehicle search.