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RATI NOOK [black, recycled]
RATI NOOK [black, recycled]

RATI NOOK [black, recycled]

RATI NOOK [black, recycled]
RATI NOOK [black, recycled]
RATI NOOK [black, recycled]
RATI NOOK [black, recycled]
RATI NOOK [black, recycled]
RATI NOOK [black, recycled]
RATI NOOK [black, recycled]

STORAGE ORGANIZER - NOOK is a simple and ingenious trunk organizer. No more tipping over while driving.

VERSATILE - Small, simple, always at hand. Stylish, fun, yet professional. Simple to use, it's self-explanatory yet offers creative uses.

WELL USABLE - Every side has different features: anti-slip pad, Velcro fastening, circular holder. Can be used on all luggage compartment surfaces. The velcro also adheres to the sides of the boot, so it can be used for vertical fixing.

INSTALLATION - No assembly required. Just throw it in the boot and it's ready to use. Can be placed anywhere in the trunk, no attachment points required. Works on carpet and rubber mats.

QUALITY - Automotive quality, made in EU, 2 years warranty, long lasting, durable material.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, sourced from our own production waste.

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A cool car trunk stabilizer.
In the hyper-digitalized world of automotive design, NOOK is innovative, simple and fun to use. The NOOK makes it easy to attach various objects without fuss. No more loose objects, no more distracting sounds while driving.
NOOK is a cool and lovable gadget that makes everyday life a little more organized in a playful way.

A European product with a modern design. Avoiding the usual look and feel of stereotypical car accessories, NOOKs will appeal to every car driver and even passengers. The bright, playful hues make it easy to find them as they pop out in the dark interior of the trunks.
NOOK is winner of iF DESIGN AWARD 2024, the world-renowned design prize.

The body is made from durable, heat-resistant material. Despite being light, it is strong enough to hold even heavier luggage.

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